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While other contractors are dodgy on calls and known to be late to appointments, here at iiHOME, we confidently guarantee that your calls will be answered every single time. We also we value your time and know how hard it can be to carve out space from your busy schedule. We will return phone calls promptly and show up on time because, more than money, you and your family are important to us!

Our desire for you is that you feel comfortable through your entire remodel. We will not keep you in the dark on important decisions or ever try to hide information about your remodel for the sake of money.

We will keep you well informed in more than just your current project by updating our social media, blog, and website often with helpful articles to assist you on future remodel dreams or simply some fun ideas in other areas of your home.

We have been honored to serve countless families in their remodel experience for many years, gaining deep experience in every aspect of home enhancement. We have encountered almost every challenge homeowners go through, and we know the stress that can come with that. Our goal, however, is to walk you and your family through this process with ease, coming up with creative solutions for you every time, and always providing you the information needed.

We know the importance of you being well informed in areas of home building and remodeling and we want you to feel empowered to make the best decisions for your home!

A proposal is a very crucial part of your project. This will show you what your project will entail, provide a time frame, and put down estimate prices for every stage of your project. Here at iiHOME, we understand the importance of this and place great focus on giving you the best, most informative and comprehensive proposal.

Unlike other contractors who will simply put numbers on a sheet, we will provide details on every piece of your project. Instead of giving you just the total expense, we lay out individual components and show you how they add up to your final price so that you can see every part of your project from start to finish.

The home remodel industry’s motto is to expect the unexpected. Knowing this, we (depending on your project) might provide you several price ranges to ensure that you will never be caught off-guard or unprepared.

We understand the success of any project is in the planning, so we pay a lot of attention to this stage!

We know that home remodels can be an exciting time, but it can also be nerve-wracking. We want to walk you and your family through this process with ease. To do that, we use an application called Builders Trend.

Builders Trend is online software designed for home builders and remodelers. Builders Trend ensures the project progresses smoothly, with effective scheduling at every stage.

This app allows for us to project expenses, update you on your project, and share pictures of your home throughout the remodel process. You can even post questions or comments regarding your project on the app for your project manager’s direct response.

Many contractors rely on pen and paper to create a rough plan of the project. This results in unmet deadlines, unclear communication, and situations that catch the client off guard.

Rather than taking that risk, we choose to provide you with top notch technology to ensure continuous communication. Don’t worry, we will make sure you know how to use it before we ever even start your project!

We care about your home and your family. Because of that, we know that having a great team is important in making sure you always know you are getting the best experience you could ask for.

We have cutting edge professionals on our team and we are proud of the people we have hand-picked to be with us at iiHOME. Our team has varied expertise and experience, enabling us to accomplish all aspects of your project.

It all starts with your personal designer to help create the best look that suits your family’s taste, wishes, needs, and budget. Each project will be assigned a Project Manager, who is focused on you, your family’s needs and daily coordination of the team from beginning to end. In collaboration with that manager, our in-Quality Control Manager will make sure the proper materials and selections are properly ordered and delivered to site. In addition, we will have many carpenters and laborers for your remodel. Our project managers stay in constant communication with them, ensuring that your project is progressing smoothly and on time.

On the other side of the design, we also have several team members in office overseeing every project, and ensuring that we are providing you with the best remodel experience.

Our quality assurance does not end with our immediate team. Instead, it extends to the subcontractors we hand-pick for your family. With the aim of providing you with the best, we only invite the most qualified and experienced subcontractors to be a part of your project. From start to finish, we strive for a mark of excellence.

We have an existing team of electricians, plumbers, and other specialized professionals that we hire for many of our projects. We have worked with these professionals in many settings and we trust them like they are iiHOME family.

We care about making sure you and your family are always given the best, and we guarantee these subcontractors strive for the same goal of leaving you satisfied with the work done.

We have every confidence in our team and our quality of work. As a show of this confidence, we guarantee every aspect of our work for five years from the end of your project. During these five years, we will be responsible for any workmanship issues that may arise as a result of our work.

We know that you are trusting us to deliver the best to you and your family. Instead of the standard one-year guarantee that our industry regularly provides, we allow you to test our workmanship and never have to put your hard-earned money on the line.

Though it might be cheaper at the time, poor quality work will not only waste your money, it will cost you destructively more when you have to repair the damage later.

The home remodel industry’s motto is to expect the unexpected. Knowing this, you can trust that our team will handle these situations for you. The remodel process can be stressful, but we want to walk you through it comfortably.

Our team is great at rolling with the punches. When a situation occurs, your project manager will be with you in the same day to personally assess the problem and start creatively brainstorming a solution. You are not alone in this and every problem is addressed immediately with the aim of resolving it as quickly as possible.

As our client, you can rest comfortably knowing that your project is in the best hands. No matter what happens, our staff is full of highly experienced team members to handle every situation.

One measure of a successful business is how many repeat customers they receive. At iiHOME, we always gage our success on the satisfaction of our clients and how often they refer us to others or use our expertise for other projects in their homes. Considering that 92% of our business comes from repeat clients, and client referrals, we can confidently say that we are a fruitful and thriving business that will be continue to serve your family’s needs for years to come.

Helen Caldwell:
Heather and her fabulous crew… were above and beyond fabulous! I have been waiting a long time for the dream house that we could afford and they made it happen! They all take so much pride in their work, so they can perfect every last detail for the customers liking, scratch that, the customers, LOVING! My husband I feel like we live in “our mansion” now, it is just yummy!! As, I waited not to look at the final detail until the house was all done, I felt like I was on the show,”Extreme Makeovers”. I teared with JOY!
Can not say enough wonderful things about them…..

Kathy Ryan:
Thank you iiHOME!!! I cannot express enough what a fantastic job you did. With Heather’s great taste and a crew that was so great to have working here, so professional and detail oriented, I could not be happier. I will recommend iiHOME to all of my friends.

Kelly O’Sullivan-Lanford:
Amazing decorating!

Jessica Rice:
We LOVE everything about iiHOME! The people, the punctuality, and quick project turnarounds! Heather’s eye for design is like none we have ever seen! She always delivers what she says she will, and we feel extreme confidence in everything the team does and their ability! Always ready for our next iiHOME project!

Karen Soule:

Kathleen Nieback:
I am so excited that ii HOME helped us with our home!

Dan Telford:
I was in a tight spot and needed a company to save me from disaster. I had hired an “independent” interior designer and to say she was incompetent is an understatement. I contacted iiHOME and their crew came in and completely transformed my rental properties into a show place. Thank you iiHOME!!

Lesley and Milo Davis:
Working with Heather from iiHome was a lot of fun. We felt like we were on an episode of HGTV’s “Love It or List It”. Heather came in and saw the beauty in areas that we saw as an eyesore. Looking forward to working with Heather and the iiHome team.

To serve you with unity on our team, we are always driven by a strict code of ethics, which our team and subcontractors all adhere to. You can see them below.

  • We only promote services of high quality and fair prices, all of which adhere to set health and safety standards.
  • All our advertising and sales promotions will be accurate and will avoid any intentional misleading or deception to customers.
  • All our contracts and warranties are written in such a way that they comply with requisite federal, state and local laws.
  • We will promptly respond, with appropriate action, to complaints.
  • We will avoid any action whose intended consequence is to inhibit trade or suppress competition.
  • We will obtain and retain insurance covers as directed by federal, state and local law.
  • We will obtain and retain registration and/or licensing as required by federal, state and local law.
  • We will take necessary actions to protect the health and safety of our staff, contractors and clients.

This list is not just a written list of our code of ethics; it is our actual way of doing business. It represents our business model based on adherence to the law, proper treatment of our employees and contractors and the best service to our clients.